S O S wireless

I have a lot of friends and colleges from the camera department that often come to me with a problem… how to set up the wireless sound to the camera? I will explain it with one of the most popular devices used buy one man crew setups, the G3 sennhizher wireless system, but it should work with other devices.

As I see it… you need the right question in order to find the best solution.
Preparing the camera for sound.
Does your camera has an external input?
If yes? Try to find out what kind of input it has…
What kind of audio menu does your camcorder has?
If it’s physical? Set up to external the channel that you want to put your receiver. And Set the input gain to mic level, no phantom.

If it’s digital? Set the menu to manual if you usually watch your levels while you are shooting… Or auto, it you don’t want or can’t deal with your sound levels, this way it is better for the shooting day… But worse to the sound. The auto limiter in most cameras is a bit “violent” to my taste, and it can gain up or down your atmosphere that it can be a bit of a work in the post later .. But still with right setup it can work quite fine.

We have set up the camera input section, and the menu, and we know what sound input our camera has.

Now let’s move on to our wireless system.
In a wireless system you have a receiver and a transmitter… Don’t mistake them… Usually the transmitter has a mute button on it. Also very important to check that the frequency on both devices is the same…

If not? Get in to menu of each device, and tune the frequency to the same number in both transmitter and receiver.

Let’s start with the receiver… Do you have the right cable from the transmitter to the camera? If yes connect them, if no? Buy it, rent it weld it… Just get it, it will not work without it.
Get to the menu and in the output gain section set it to -18 or whatever is around -20.
Now we have the same gain in the camera input and in the wireless receiver.
Let’s go on to the transmitter… What do you want to connect it to? Microphone? Or a device like a mixer? If it’s a microphone then connect it to your transmitter. If it’s a device like a mixer then check out your outputs from your mixer… And get the right cables of course.
Get in the menu and set sensitivity to less than -20 for mic or 0 for line.
Now it should work quite fine

For more questions just fill your details and question and will gladly help.
Thanks until next time.